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Working principle:
Based on the phototaxis of insects, the light source with a specific wavelength is used to attract insects. The light source is installed at the entrance of the suction device. When the insects gather around the light source, they will be sucked into the insect collecting box by the negative air pressure generated by the rotation of fan in the suction device. There are specially designed holes in the upper part of the box for beneficial insect to escape, such as parasitic wasps, and the pest will be died of dehydration, achieving the goal of protecting the beneficial one and eliminating the pest.  Or, according to customer requirements, use corresponding sexual attractant of the main pests of crops, combined with light attraction to induce pests.

Fan suction:
or wind suction, use air negative pressure generated by rotation of fan to suck the pests into the insect collecting box. The advantage of the fan-sucking type is that it can protect the beneficial insects and kill the pests. The beneficial insects can get out of the collecting box through the escape hole, and the pests die in the collecting box due to dehydration, and it is easy for cleaning.

Special light source:
The light source used in the light-induced insect traps is self-made in our factory. The wavelength of the light source is carefully designed through a large number of rigorous experiments to ensure maximum attraction of pests. The shape of the lamp is 2U and 3U, and the rated powers are different.

Delivery by rail or road to Guangzhou Port, and can also be delivered to designated ports according to customer requirements. Although the factory is located in Huaihua city, Hunan province, Huaihua is a transportation hub city with convenient road and rail transportation.

Warranty and customer services:

One year of warranty, damages due to other reasons not included. Our customer service team is standing by at your service for installation guidance, product consultation or other relevant issues, and we also provide accessories with very reasonable prices.

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