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Solar Fall Armyworm Monitoring Trap
Solar Fall Armyworm Monitoring Trap
Product details
Brand: BENYE Model: 3BCT-28-APF
Power: Solar Attraction type: Light and sexual attraction integrated
Battery: Rechargable Material: Galvanized steel tubo

Solarfall armyworm monitoring trap 3BCT-28-APF

Spodopterafrugiperda(fall army worm) light and sexual attraction integrated monitoring trap

Product introduction:

Spodoptera frugiperda, known as fallarmy worm, is a night-time migratory pest that seriously harms staple cropssuch as maize. Use electromechanical & wireless transmission technology, Internet of Things, photo-inducing & sex pheromone, to construct a set of ecological monitoring and early warning system for Spodoptera frugiperda, which realizes pest-oriented attraction, real-time monitoring, intelligent earlywarning and forecasting functions.

Product features:

1. light-induced, sexually induced integration; the combination of the special light source and the sexual attractant             

   (pheromones) of Spodoptera frugiperda greatly improves the efficiency of attraction and detection.

2. Real time remote monitoring: The test data is transmitted to the users' mobile APP or computer in real time, to monitor the        situation of the trap anytime, anywhere.

3. Stable performance and systematic and high efficiency: The product is safe and reliable, with a long service life, basically

    maintenance-free; easy to operate.






Spodoptera frugiperda pheromone

Sucking devices case

Anti-UV and anti-aging ABS,suction port diameter: 300mm

Fan blades

ABS,diameter:   280mm


Brushless DC motor,DC12V,

rated power:23W

Energy-saving insect attracting lamp


Solar panel

Monocrystalline silicon,voltage:DC18V,power:150W


Colloid, maintenance free, 100AH


Light control, rain control, time control, automatic charge and discharge protection, working condition:-35℃~55℃,protection grade:IP67


Galvanized steel pipe surface sprayed. diameter≥60mm,thickness≥2.0mm

Insect collecting box

Transparent PC, sizes:160×160×300mm

Internet of things (IOT)+camera

1.IOT remote control service content   (mobile GPRS module signal)

a. Remote control: control the switch device remotely by the mobile APP or computer (use   the icons to corresponding switch status).

  b. Remote monitoring: solar panel voltage, battery voltage, load current, charging and discharging power.
  c. Save the database: Mysql database and the historical data of the last fifteen days of all devices, operation log, login log and user's data information, the latest parameters of the device remote reading parameters,   etc.
   d. Time switch: According to customer needs, customer service can set the start time and how long after the delay (1-12 hours).
   e. Electronic map: Real-time information on whether the equipment is online, running, fault (equipment parameters) to accurately grasp the information of the equipment for maintenance.
   f. Failure notification: Real-time report, "green light" means online, "gray light" means offline.
   g. Control: time control, rain control, light control, temperature control.

2. Camera parameters:

a. DC12V, 7.5/22W 2 million pixels, 5x   zoom, focal length: 3.6mm, ABS material protection grade: IP66.

b. 4G card storage, mobile APP and   computer client visible, play Real-time monitoring of insects.

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